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Frequently Asked Questions

Do you have questions about my content writing services? I’ve answered the most frequently asked questions below to give you better insight into the services I offer.

What type of content writing service do you offer?

I offer high-quality articles, blog posts, and web page content, including home page, about page, service pages, product descriptions, and more.

What industries do you write for?

I cover a wide range of industries and niches. I particularly have experience writing for the health, technology, real estate, finance, lifestyle, and digital marketing industries.

Is the content you create unique and original?

Yes. All content delivered to you are guaranteed to be unique, original and 100% plagiarism-free. I would never sully my reputation by plagiarizing other writers’ work. Of course, I would utilize data from several sources, but would never copy nor plagiarize them. The language I use is original, and I present the information in a unique manner. If you would rather I don’t use data from other sources, you will have to supply data of your own.

What is your writing process?

On receiving your inquiry email, I will get in touch with you via Skype or email to discuss your content needs. During our discussion, I will need details about your content needs and goals, your target audience, where you want to publish the content, and how soon you want the writing to be completed. If we are working together for the first time, I will submit the first draft to you in 24 to 48 hours for you to check if the writing meets your specific needs. Once you are satisfied, I will finish the write-up and submit it to you within the stipulated deadline.

Do you charge extra for revisions?

I ensure that you get an accurate and error-free content in the format and style you specified. Nevertheless, if there are minor points you want to be revised, I would be happy to help at no extra charge to you. However, if you need a major revision that includes changing the information you provided initially and require me to rewrite the document completely, then I will be charging you for it. I won’t charge extra if your need for revision is due to my oversight or mistake.

Do you offer contracts for long-term clients?

Yes, I do. In fact, most of my clients are repeat customers who I’ve been writing for, for several years. If you wish to form a long-term relationship where I take care of all your content needs, I’ll be happy to discuss the terms, and sign a contract.

What will happen if I cancel my project halfway?

I will understand if you have to cancel your project halfway, as business needs can change at any time. However, if you wish to cancel your contract halfway, you will have to give me at least one week notice. Also, I will be glad to restart your project from where we left off, if and whenever you want.

Do you offer keyword research as part of your content service?

Yes, I utilize a wide range of high-quality SEO tools to help you with keyword research. However, this will attract an additional fee. You won’t have to pay any extra if you already have your keywords ready.

Can you create some content for free so I can decide whether to hire you or not?

No, I can’t. I’ve provided several samples on the portfolio section of my website to give you a feel or sense of my work and what I can deliver.

How do I know that you will provide me with high-quality content?

Within a short span of 5 years since I’ve been creating content, I’ve written content for over a hundred individuals and company websites, and have samples that speak for themselves. You can see some of my samples and testimonials, and even reach out to my former clients to get an idea of the quality services I offer.

Can you meet tight writing deadline?

Yes, I can. However, I can only receive your tight deadline request if it requires minimum research and preparation, as I wouldn’t want to compromise quality for quick delivery.

How can I get in touch with you?

You can give me a call or send a WhatsApp message to +2348060959119, or send me a mail at or send me a message here. I look forward to hearing from you!

Will you write my content from scratch?

Yes, I will. I carry out in-depth research and write your content from scratch. I do not use writing spinners that churn out content with incomprehensible sentences, terrible grammar, and spelling and punctuation errors.

Will the content you provide be original?

Yes. Absolutely! I have a strict no-plagiarism policy which I follow to the letter and assure you that the content I’ll provide will be 100% unique. I use excellent premium tools such as Grammarly and Copyscape to ensure that your content is completely original.

How much do you charge for your content writing services?

The rates I charge to deliver high-quality content to you depends on the complexity of your project and the time and effort I have to invest in writing a refined content that helps actualize your goals. However, generally, I charge a rate of $0.10/word for articles and blog post and 0.20/word for web page content.

How can you provide high-quality content at such affordable rates?

I get this question a lot. Well, the simple answer is that, because I work alone, I’m able to keep a low overhead cost and provide high-quality service at an affordable price.

How do I pay you?

You can pay me via Payoneer or PayPal. I prefer Payoneer because they have an escrow service that protects you and me. But you can also pay via PayPal.

Do I have to pay an advance?

Yes, you do. You have to pay a 50% advance before I can start working on your project. The remaining 50% will be paid on delivery of the web content to you.  

Who owns the content that you write?

The content I write for you is exclusively yours. The moment you pay and I submit the content to you, you have the right to claim the writing as yours, and can do whatever you like with it. You can use the content any way you see fit – publish, share, resell, change, or discard (I hope not!) it. However, I may use your content as part of my portfolio to show prospective clients how capable a content writer I am. If you would rather I sign a non-disclosure agreement, so I don’t use your content as part of my samples, you will have to pay a little extra.

Do you offer content updating or rewriting services?

Yes, I do. I understand the importance of having refined content on your website, and I’m willing to help update the quality of content you already have.

Will the content you provide be SEO friendly?

Yes, it will be. I follow all SEO rules to deliver a reader engaging content that is keyword rich while maintaining the quality of the content. I avoid keyword stuffing and all other blackhat SEO techniques that will harm your website.

Do you deliver on time?

One of the greatest problems with hiring content writers is finding a professional who will deliver on time. I’m deadline-oriented and will go above and beyond to deliver your projects quickly.

How quickly can you deliver?

For a typical order of 500 words or less, you will receive your first draft within 36 hours and the final content in 72 hours. However, longer projects that require more in-depth research may take longer. Whichever the case, I strive to deliver content quickly, at or before the deadline.

Who can hire you?

I work for individual and companies with websites or blogs that need content across different industries and niches. I also work with digital marketing firms and website design companies.

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